Mallorca has the best conditions for a vacation for all tastes, and for all ages. Both for those travelers who want to spend a few days off, or visit the island for sports activities.

But, in addition, it has numerous adapted tourist spots scattered throughout the island. Mallorca is a destination that recognizes the right of people with disabilities to obtain adapted tourism opportunities and services. That is why it has adapted accesses in tourist spots such as Palma, Valldemossa, Alcúdia or Sóller, and accessible facilities in various establishments.

Have you ever seen the cathedral from the Sea?

Don’t stop enjoying it … At Handisport we give you the opportunity to get started in Adapted Sailing in several ways:


  • Through a initiation day where you can make contact with the world of the sea and go sailing


  • Adapted Sailing Summer School: 6 years endorse us as forerunners of this activity thanks to the RCNP, Port Olimpic Calanova and La Caixa.


All of them are aimed at people with physical, mental or sensory disabilities. We have 4 fully adapted Damm 5.5 collective boats, as well as an Access 303 for our competition team.

navegar handisport


Sail on wheels

Blokart is the inclusive sport par excellence.

We offer you this new sport that is breaking barriers internationally and that is so easy to handle that its fun is unimaginable.

Known socially as sailing on land, it is a young sport that is developed on land by driving a tricycle equipped with a wing that is responsible for giving it speed as well as a bidirectional handlebar that allows maneuvering.

Puede llevarse a cabo por cualquier usuario independientemente de su grado de discapacidad realizándose las adaptaciones necesarias para ello. El usuario practica la actividad en tándem con un monitor especializado para lograr el índice de seguridad necesario para su práctica satisfactoria.

blokart handisport

It allows you to enjoy a team sport, in the natural environment, where the individual is totally independent, so the degree of personal satisfaction is very high.

The Blokart is a definition of equality since it is a sports modality that bets on competition without distinction of age, gender, physical condition or capacity, using body weight as group scales.

We can practice it both on solid ground and on asphalt or in very wet and hard sand.

For the most daring and professional, when a strong gust of wind enters, 80km / h can be achieved

but we prefer to enjoy the embat, or sunset wind, and spend a fun and accessible day.


Can you imagine flying over the Mediterranean?

El esquí náutico es una actividad que permite a la persona con discapacidad superarse a sí mismo siendo además una actividad que puede hacer junto a familiares o amigos.

There will be adapted equipment making available all the necessary material for the practice of water skiing in maximum safety conditions

We have designed a table with stabilizers that makes it impossible to tip over while facilitating the enjoyment of any user. In the same way, the table has a seat that allows greater safety of the activity.

esquí handisport


The perfect tandem

Most of us know and have ever practiced canoeing, either on the beach, in the lake, in a recreational way or in competition.

From the Handisport Foundation, we have designed some chairs to be able to adapt the canoes in such a way that anyone, regardless of their abilities, can make a playful outing accompanied by their friends, family … in the safest way possible.

These chairs consist of an adjustable system to be able to adjust each person according to their needs and their anatomy.

Canoeing is a very complete activity as far as physical activity is concerned since practically the most important muscles of the body are put into operation, which allows an improvement in terms of the general tonicity of the user.

kayak handisport

We have double boats (K2) in which all users must be accompanied by a volunteer or helper, the use of a life jacket being mandatory. These boats are self-tapping and unsinkable.

We carry out courses of an approximate duration of two hours in which users will learn the basic knowledge of the management of the canoe before going out to sea and later an excursion is made that depending on the type of disability can last approximately an hour or an hour and a half .

Many participants have already been able to enjoy a fun, calm and safe day thanks to this adaptation.


Enjoy the swing

Performing this sport outdoors continuously improves fine and gross motor skills, the ability to concentrate, hand-eye coordination, muscle tone, and social integration in a new group and self-esteem.

They will have nationally qualified teachers specialized in the work of people with disabilities with years of experience.

We have the most advanced material for playing golf, specifically we have the vehicle called paragolfer.

We offer you from specific days to courses with open enrollment all year round with three levels: Initiation, Advanced and Improvement.

In them you will learn the basic concepts and strokes: teaching the short game, long game, putt and practices of each of these points until little by little you acquire the necessary skills to go out on the field and compete in national and international tournaments.

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Enjoy the Serra de Tramuntana

For mountain lovers, we propose a day of superfour *: a playful activity that takes place outdoors, in an incomparable setting and in conditions of absolute independence.
This activity allows people with any disability to enjoy nature and the environment in the company of their friends, family, partner, teachers …

* The superfour is a single vehicle with 4×4 traction that is operated with the help of a simple joystick. It allows you to climb slopes of up to 40% inclination always in maximum safety conditions. It is also electric, which benefits the environment by helping to avoid polluting our environment. Its seat is tiltable so we never feel insecure when going up or down our terrain.

Thanks to the environment, unattainable for most people with disabilities, we get a motivating element to teach them a new sport and a new way of spending their free time. In addition, because of what being in the natural environment entails, they must internalize a series of coexistence rules and values ​​that will enrich them for their daily life.

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Discover your sensations underwater

Adapted diving is an ideal sport for people with disabilities, it allows maximum integration since the barriers disappear allowing great freedom of movement
that cannot be done on land.

The weightlessness, sounds, perceptions received underwater are unimaginable.

We have designed a series of courses throughout the year so that people with any type of disability can initially perform a diving baptism. This baptism takes place over 3-4 hours, which includes both theoretical and practical training in a controlled environment (confined waters) where you can experience the sensations that diving provides.

This baptism does not allow the obtaining of any diving certificate.

For those who have already tried it or want to obtain the Fdbas 1 Star certificate, we carry out the course to obtain it.

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